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Pulitzer Prize Fighter Release New EP "The End Of The World", Release Show Sun. @ TT's

Weymouth, MA based Pulitzer Prize Fighter have just released via Bandcamp their all new studio release titled “The End Of The World”. The 5 track collection is a well concocted collection of tunes from a band that have been orbiting the outer fringes of the local scene for quite some time as I've had the pleasure of catching one of their shows in the past. One thing I enjoyed about them was that they blended in well with the sound of the other acts performing, and they didn't throw themselves out there for the heck of it, they went out there because they truly love the music they're playing and the people that they do it for. Definitely make it your mission to see these guys in concert, they really put it all out there.

The band will be playing a release show for the EP this coming Sunday @ TT the Bear's. For more info and to buy tickets, please visit their website here and check out their new EP via their Bandcamp page here, 'Like' the guys on Facebook here and follow the gents on Twitter from this locale over here.

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