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As It Is Break Through To The U.S. Scene With "Dial Tones"

Brighton band As It Is certainly know how to create infectious lines and powerful key notes. On their new single "Dial Tones" the band embark on pulling the strings of the pop punk puppet, becoming puppeteers, edging themselves closer into the realm of something big. The act gnash their teeth on the new song that will be a prime track on the bands new album 'Never Happy, Ever After' which is due out this year. The song begins with a low key, slender push of guitar. Then the high pitched vocals of singer Patty Walters break in, slowly gaining pace. The chorus is masterful and volatile, and would be searingly hot if touched.

As It Is is filling ground. The band has created a master-stroke with Dial Tones, a song straight from the pop punk treasure chest. A track that many will relate to with their tissues wiping tears of sorrow , and their hearts engaged in battle. - Mark McConville

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