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Boston's The Grownup Noise Get Ready For Post Blizzard Show Friday @ The Sinclair

Boston's own The Grownup Noise are gearing up for a post blizzard concert happening this Friday night 1/30 @ The Sinclair. The guys have an intriguing indie rock vibe to them with a unique way of putting songs in perspective for the listening audience who have gathered to check them out. I've checked them out a couple of times before in the past, and it's extremely heard to pinpoint their sound and compare it to other acts, which speaks to mind about the integrity of the group and their ability to be truly creative and original that gives these guys a competitive advantage over all the other Boston acts. Definitely a band you should check out after being holed up inside your house for a couple of days due to the storm!

Also performing Friday @ The Sinclair will be Kingsley Flood and The Lawsuits. For more info and to buy tickets, click on this link right here and for more info on The Grownup Noise, 'Like' them on Facebook here, follow them on Twitter right here, and check out their official website over here.

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