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Lowell's PVRIS Harbor Paramore Influences Into A Sound All Their Own

Lowell, MA based PVRIS are taking things to the next level with their own blend of alternative rock that is reflective of the band's musical influences. Think Paramore with a harder nosed edge to it, with a dash of subtle electronic melodies to balance the sound out and give it an identity to call its own. I stumbled across these guys completely by accident, and they really impressed me with their own individual and unique methods of creating music to an audience whose musical tastes are constantly changing by the minute, but this band has the wavelength to stir all of their creative outlets together and by and large, make things happen when duty calls.

For more info on PVRIS, 'Like' them on Facebook here, follow on Twitter here, and visit their official website over here for more in depth information regarding them, including links to their music.

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