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Boston Based John Hanifin Band Express Their Unique Sound With "Syncopate" Music Vid

Based from right here in Boston, John Hanifin Band take their original and creative sound to the masses with their music video for the song "Syncopate". The song takes a bold and creative maneuver with elements of cello and other unusual instruments thrown into the mix that may sound like a odd combination at first, but when it's all combined together it totally makes sense in the long run. I totally understood the artistic and creative vision behind John's music, despite the fact that the music was different than other music I write about, I decided to give John a chance to express his unique creative flow that comes out naturally and isn't forced by any other means necessary which results in a very enjoyable listen.

For more on John Hanifin Band, 'Like' them on Facebook here and give them a follow on Twitter right over here.

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