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Kingsley Flood Return Home With Sold Out Release Show @ The Sinclair

Boston's own folk pioneers Kingsley Flood made their triumphant return to their hometown on Friday playing to a packed hometown crowd at the sold out The Sinclair on Friday night. I was among those lucky enough to be in attendance, and I can tell you that the other groups that played before them all picked off the energy and vibes from one another, which resulted in a tremendous performance from Kingsley Flood. Their music can best be described as a unique mixture of folk harmonies mixed in with a slight punk twinge that when combined together, is a sight to both hear and behold in person. I was more than impressed with their performance, and they definitely made themselves known to those who weren't too familiar with them and reintroduced their sound to those who were already acquainted with their work.

For more on Kingsley Flood, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter at this locale here.

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