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London's Eternal Death Announces Arrival With Self-Titled Debut Album

London's Eternal Death marks her arrival with a debut self-titled release. The electro mixture has a densely layered component with absolutely stunning vocals juxtaposed on top of the sonic wavelengths that jump off the musical page instantaneously the minute you first hear it. I was impressed with what I heard from my first listen, and I was most enthralled with her vocals that instilled about a type of musical confidence unlike no other that really puts her on the musical radar, and out in front so that prospective listeners passing by will honor her presence with a respected listen and adoring praise not soon after.

To take a listen to her self-titled albim, it's now available for streaming over on her Soundcloud page here and for more info on Eternal Death, "Like' her on Facebook here and follow on Twitter at this link here.

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