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Boston's Own Anjimile Set To Take Part in Local Show Tonight @ Sound Lion in Harvard Sq.

From the streets of Boston comes the refreshing indie sounds of Anjimile, who will be playing a local show tonight at Sound Lion in Harvard Square. The show is sponsored by the good folks of Allston Pudding in conjunction with Boston Scene Party that is designed to enrich community involvement in the local music scene, and get fans involved with their new favorite local band. Anjimile have that unique and upbeat sound that is full of riveting guitar licks and insatiable melodies that will get you hooked almost immediately upon first listen. I was largely unfamiliar with these guys, and it was great to hear another local band express their individuality amidst a sea of local bands that all represent a different cross section, and are one of the reasons why Boston's local scene is one of the most diverse and entertaining subsets in the entire country.

The show gets underway tonight at 8:30pm at Sound Lion, located on 35 Brattle St. in the Atrium Shopping Center, directly next to Flat Patties. The show is completely free of charge, and there will definitely be a huge crowd gathered to witness these local sounds in person. For more info on Anjimile, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter right here.

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