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Four Year Strong - Four Year Strong

Worcester, MA's hardcore rocking Four Year Strong are back with their brand new, self-titled release. The follow up to 2010's "Enemy of The World" finds the lovably tattooed boys returning to their trademark sound that has won them fans from all across the world. The effort is sure to excite fans both old and new who can't seem to get enough of their explosive sound and infectious personalities that always seem to enter the mix.

We kick things off with "I Hold Myself in Contempt", a fast paced rocker that features the blasting lead vocals of the beautifully bearded Dan O'Connor who is the center of attention, and contributes a great deal to the band's vivacious sound that can't be contained, and more or less does its own thing when exposed to the masses. "We All Float Down Here" features a more refined effort that tightly binds together all the instrumentation into one succinct track that bellows all the way throughout, and doesn't waver in its quest for unbridled enthusiasm. My favorite track off the album is "Wipe Yourself Off, Man. You Dead." a very cleverly put together track that has the band's trademark dry wit inserted into the title, and the song itself is pure, unwavering pop-punk hardcore that will put a smile on your face instantly, and leave you spellbound by track's end. "Stolen Credit Card!" screams summer with fast paced guitar riffs, and amazing drumwork from Jake Massucco who adds a certain dexterity to the group that can't be replicated by anyone else.

The second half features "Who Cares?", another frenetic thrill ride with wild and crazy guitar riffs, Dan and Alex burning it down on the microphone, and a impeccable musical precision that is unheralded and is something to be truly admired. "Here's To Swimming With Bow Legged Women" is another indelible track that features Jake's piercing drumwork at it again, and is one of the more musically impressive tracks on the record that packs it all in and never lets up right until the very end. "The Sound of Your Heart" gets ready to wrap it all up with a more simplified effort that tones it down somewhat from the prior tracks, but still retains that excitement and pitch that just can't be ignored whatsoever. "Go Down in History" ends it all here with a frenetic number that takes us all the way throughout the record and reflects on the journey we've undetaken to this point, and how the songs all interconnect with each other and draw creative energy that spills out into the surrounding foundation of the whole record. I've been a huge admirer for Four Year Strong for some time now not just the fact that they're Bay Staters, but the fact that they exemplify utter musicianship and creativiity to its finest and really cut down to the core of what hardcore pop-punk is all about. It's almost impossible not to be entertained by these guys, and I don't think you'll find anything that you won't enjoy on this record that is the real Four Year Strong at its finest.

In summary, a well executed effort from Four Year Strong, a band that is required listening for anyone that was brought up in the pop-punk genre, and you'll find an immediate appreciation for everything these guys are and what they bring to the musical table each and every time. Highly recommended!

Score: 4.5/5

Track Listing:

- I Hold Myself in Contempt

- We All Float Down Here

- Eat My Words

- Wipe Yourself Off, Man. You Dead.

- Stolen Credit Card!

- Gravity

- Who Cares?

- Here's To Swimming With Bow Legged Women

- I'm A Big, Bright, Shining Star

- The Sound of Your Heart

- Go Down in History

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