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Boston Based Huxley Rittman Releases Debut EP "Laughs & Cries"

Photo Credit: Jonathan Schwartz

Boston based and Berklee student Huxley Rittman has just put out his debut EP titled "Laughs & Cries". His music has been described as a combination of Fountains of Wayne mixed in with the songwriting prowess of Bob Dylan that creates a wall of musical color that bursts to life immediately after you start listening to him. I was very enthused with his music, and I really developed an appreciation for his style and aesthetic that is very easy going and has no frills attached whatsoever. It's great to see musicians like him that take a simple and subtle approach to their music that allows listeners to easily grasp onto the message that he's trying to convey to his listening audience. A supremely talented artist that is always looking for methods to hone his craft time and time again.

For more info on Huxley Rittman, please give him a 'Like' on his Facebook page located right over here and check out his official homepage at this spot here.

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