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Today Junior To Release New Album "Ride The Surf" on July 23

Photo Credit: Chris Cucinotto

It's almost here! Today Junior will release their highly anticipated sophomore album titled "Ride The Surf" on July 23rd. Brothers Mike & Harry O' Toole along with bassist Anthony Ambrose have been pouring their heart and soul into this effort over the last several months down at Hanging Horse Studios in Taunton where it has become apparent that they have truly found their calling in life. The guys honestly get better and better with each album that they put out, and when you see them live in concert it's a totally different animal in the wild. Mike blows everything out of the water with his impeccable percussion skills along with his trademark bank robber styled bandana that shows how ingrained in the scene he is. Harry continues to wow and amaze with his fiery red hair and gritty vocals contributing a great deal to the bands indie/dance rock influence. Bassist Anthony is also a big part of the band's success and keeps the groove laden melodies in check that have so many twists and turns that you'll deifnitely find the urge to get out and dance. A highly anticipated effort that you'll definitely want to pick up the second it's released.

The guys will be playing a string of shows throughout July and August, including a stop by Thunder Road in Somerville on July 20th, the night of the album's release at Plough and Stars on July 23rd, and a special album release show at The Mid East Upstairs on August 3. For more on Today Junior, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter right here.

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