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LA Based and Berklee Grad Lade Release Stunning Music Vid For "My Ghost"

LA based musician and former Berklee alum Lade has just put out an absolutely stunning visual clip for the song "My Ghost". The music itself ihas a slight electronic twinge to it, and aurally pleasing with an absolutely stunning visual backdrop that takes you away to another world that is too beautiful to contain, and will leave you entranced watching all the visual stimuli bouncing in off the video screen. It was absolutely amazing watching this video, and what I enjoyed most about it was its inate ability to couple the music and visual aspect of it, and tie it together so that it was all synced up in terms of sheer beauty and visual movement that represented the wavelengths of music, just like waves crashing up on the shoreline of a beach. Definitely one of the more visually stunning clips that I've come across in some time, and you can definitely see and appreciate all the hard work that went into making this clip come to fruition.

For more on Lade, check out his music on Soundcloud right over here, and give him a 'Like' on Facebook over here and follow on Twitter at this junction right here.

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