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2015 MusicBoxPete "Bands of Summer" Special

It's that time of year again where music and nudity come together to form the 3rd edition of MusicBoxPete's "Bands of Summer" photo special! The ever popular photo spread continues to grow in stature and popularity with a whole new crop of musicians willing to show some skin, and reveal a different side of themselves than fans are accustomed to. It's meant to show an appreciation for musician's bodies as a whole, and also to have a few laughs in the process to make everyone feel loose and ready to have fun. So without further ado, here are this year's crop of musicians who have taken their shirts off just for you:

Matt Menges (Airacuda) Photo Cred: Eric Svenningson

Formerly based right here in Boston but since moved back to their native New Jersey, Airacuda really have a strong and frenetic stage presence, mostly due to the charisma and charm of their frontman Matt Menges. One thing that always becomes a constant on stage is his habit for undoing one button off his shirt after each song, all culminating until his shirt is completely unubttoned in the picture you see above. Clearly channeling Robert Plant, Matt displays a sexy and confident frontman who is more than willing to show off for the camera and bare his delectable bod for everyone to gawk at.

Kyle Vaught (Handguns)

Guitarist for the Baltimore based Handguns, Kyle Vaught is no stranger to showing off some nudity for the camera, you may remember him hopping in the bahtub for Critical Wave's "In The Tub" series where he flashed some chest hair footage for everyone to see. This pic here sees Kyle taking it to a whole new level as he wraps around a stripper pole dressed in nothing but his underwear and socks. Very charismatic and charming to say the least, Kyle isn't afraid to show off his goofy side and attract attention for those willing to take a peek.

Daniel McCallum (Cordelia & The Buffalo) Photo Cred: Knar Bedlan

Bass player for the Boston based collective Cordelia & The Buffalo, Daniel McCallum always finds creative ways to grab the audience's attention, most notably his habit for wearing makeup and outlandish costumes. Another thing that attracts some eyeballs is his penchant for showing off some nipple and flesh, as Daniel so boldly exclaims in this pic you see above. An extremely talented and confident bass player, Daniel definitely channels that creative vision into something that makes audience members extremely happy in the process.

Drew Moore (Helicopria)

You're probably already familiar with Drew Moore, bassist for Helicopria who has been featured in this special before and is back at it again with an oldie but goodie snapped 3 years ago. Taken at their show at Cafe 939, Drew definitely knows how to arouse the crowd literally with his taking off of the shirt becoming a common ritual, and definitely had some fans clamoring for his bod afterwards. An amazingly talented and attractive individual, Drew is definitely the object of affection for countless fans in and around the area.

Alek Sandar

Based out of the NYC area, electro pop artist Alek Sandar graces our photo spread with this sleek black and white shot. A relative newcomer to the scene, Alek displays a striking and beautiful sensuality with his looks hypnotizing those who dare to look straight into his eyes and feast on what lays in front of them. Alek is completely unafraid to bear his goods for the camera, and it seems evident that he is a very uninhibited person who loves to bear all that he is.


Matt Kourie, who also goes by the stage name of theWhen, takes the reigns with this indelible nugget sent in to round out our special. Another artist you may not be too familiar with, Matt's music mostly revolves around the synthpop arena, mixed in with some arena rock that gives it a formidable one-two punch that can't possibly be contained. Another thing that can't be contained is his undeniable attractiveness that is just oozing pixels out of the screen with his buff body and lost in your eyes looks making this pic one to remember for sure.

There will be another round of "Bands of Summer" coming at you Labor Day weekend featuring even more shirtless bods that didn't make it into the special. Stay tuned!

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