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UK Pop-Punkers WSTR Ready For Release of New EP "SKRWD"

Liverpool, UK based pop-punkers WSTR are gearing up for the release of their brand new EP this coming Friday, 9/4 titled SKRWD. The album has an intense, explosive musical curiosity to it that really speaks volumes about the depth of creativity emanating from across the pond. Knowing me for the last few years, you've probably gathered that I'm absolutely obsessed with British pop-punk, a love that was most evident with the release of my Bandcamp compilation "Towering Over London" back in 2013 that brought together bands from England that all had something in common with one another. WSTR in particular bring something new to the fray as their sound has an abrasive element to it that really makes them stand out, and bring about a sense of uniqueness and individuality that will make U.S. fans gobble them all up. An immensely talented act that is definitely ready for their stateside appearance here in America.

For more on WSTR, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and keep an eye out for their new EP "SKRWD" coming out this Friday on iTunes and whereever fine digital music products are sold.

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