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Blackpool UK's Boston Manor Sign To Pure Noise Records, New EP "Saudade" Out on 11/20

Blackpool, UK based Boston Manor made a huge announcement the other day, as they formally announced that they signed a record deal with Pure Noise Records, who will in turn be releasing their first effort on the label titled "Saudade" on Nov. 20th. The guys have been a near constant presence here on the site over the last couple of years, dating back to when they were first featured on the "Towering Over London" compilation, and their raw and potent punk sound that is reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, giving you flashbacks of your teenage years when you first fell in love with these bands. I couldn't be more prouder and thrilled for these guys and everything that they've accomplished. Guitarist MIchael Cunniff is one of the most supremely nicest people that I've ever met, and the guys were awesome enough to send me a t-shirt along with a handwritten note from the band that I keep on my desk at all times, bringing to mind of what lovely lads they truly are. The future is looking bright for them, and it's all onward and upward from here!

For more on Boston Manor, please 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter right here. Don't forget to check out their video for their brand new track "Trapped Nerve" that you can watch directly below:

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