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Boston Based Dylan Rockoff is "Feeling Fine" With New Single

Emanating from right here in Boston, singer-songwriter Dylan Rockoff is starting to heat up the charts with his latest single, "Feeling Fine". Dylan has a very easy going, carefree nature to himself with his musical sensibilities and sheer talent becoming clearly evident when you first hear him sing. What makes him truly unique is his ability to weave a sense of himself embedded deep within the lyrics, making it feel like he's with you whenever you hear the song playing in your car or on your iPod. I was definitely impressed with Dylan's stuff from first listen, and he really knows how to communicate effectively with his listening audience through song, and that gives him a clear advantage over some of the other solo acts out there who have different methods. Dylan clearly knows what works best for him, and where his musical path is going to take him moving forward.

For more on Dylan Rockoff, please 'Like' him on Facebook over here and check out "Feeling FIne" now availble for streaming on Spotify over here and for download on iTunes right here.

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