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Allston's Found Audio Releases Cell Phone Created Video Clip For "Radiation"

Allston, MA based Found Audio have just released their sleekly made music video for the song "Radiation", off their upcoming release Locomotive Earth. The video was shot entirely using 16 cell phone cameras, and were then spliced together to create a heavenly display of dizzying lights and enjoyable simplicity that makes this video well worth watching. It's clear that the band are in their own element with their hyper cool sunglasses only exemplifying the raw and unadulterated talent that each of the guys possess. Found Audio were first featured here on the site a few years back, and they definitely have that homegrown sensibility embedded deep within them that gives them a stamp of credibility, and allows listeners to gravitate towards their musical thumbprint that shows their hard work and musicality starting to pay dividends that will last them in the long run. The band seem poised to take that next step with their forthcoming release.

Keep an eye out for Locomotive Earth to be released on October 16th, and for more info on Found Audio, please 'Like' them on Facebook here and check out their official homepage over here.

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