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PREMIERE: Latch Unleash Cover Vid Of "Kicking" by Torche

Proud to bring you an exclusive premiere on MusicBoxPete, as Latch have graciously sent along their cover vid of the song "Kicking" by the band Torche. The glorious video was shot at The Bear's Den recording studio in Attleboro, and it shows the band clearly in their element with each member contributing ferociously to an illustrious and well thought out clip that shows the band's resolve and hard working aptitiude clearly on display for everyone to marvel over. Latch have been featured a couple of times recently on the site, and they definitely have that X factor element attached to them that allows them to jump off the musical page, and into the hearts and minds of everyone around them. A tremendously talented local act that has everything going for them right now, and is definitely clicking on all cylinders as we speak.

For more on Latch, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this perch here.

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