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Jack Romanov Announce Signing To TopNotch Music, Release New LP in January

Photo Credit: Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan

Boston's own Jack Romanov made a huge announcement yesterday in case you missed it. The guys announced on their Facebook page that they have signed a record deal with TopNotch Music in distribution through Ingrooves, and will be releasing their new LP "After Ignorance, Before The Start" on January 8th. This is a massive, groundbreaking achievement for the band, and I coiuldn't be more prouder for the fellas whom I've grown to love with every fiber of my musical being this past year. The way they evoke their raw, passionate, and unbridled talents on stage has left me in awe of how special these guys are, and has left me clamoring for more. Seeing them in concert is a real treat, where you usually see guitarist Michael Mirabella injuring himself, or bassist Esteban Cajigas stripping off his shirt to see his hot bod, there is always something to behold at a JRV show. Also, the band announced that the first single from the album "Even The Homeless Have Wifi (And Blue Dreams)" will be out on December 11th, which makes for an awesome early Christmas present. It's nothing but onward and upward for these guys!

For more on Jack Romanov, 'Like' them on Facebook here and visit their Twitter feed at this locale over here.

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