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Brooklyn's Spirit Animal Set To Electrify Mid East Downstairs Tonight

Tell your parents you’re going to seeing Spirit Animal in the Middle East and you’re basically scheduling your own intervention. But since when did parents and popular music mix anyways?

Coming straight from Brooklyn, Spirit Animal brings the sounds of the house to the Cambridge venue tonight. A mix of rock and anthemic house music that is both stealthy and healthy to any music lover’s taste, the band is currently touring around the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic. The band has a plethora of dance-friendly jams, perfect for letting loose when you’ve got the hump day blues. The pounding drums set the foundation for the basic rhythm, the rhythmic guitar creates a yin and yang effect of being both abrasively skeletal and highly catchy.

Have a hard time dancing to music alone? Just wait. The band has some tricks up their sleeve with the cleverly named “The Black Jack White”, in which lead singer Steve Cooper literally tells you where to move. The band doesn’t mess around when it comes to dance, and especially at the Middle East, this could make for a hell of a rock ‘n roll dance party, something noticeably missing from popular music nowadays.

Don’t miss out on the dance-rock band as they take over the Middle East Downstairs tonight at 8 pm with Agnostic Front, The Rival Mob and much more!

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