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Brooklyn Based Animal Years Premiere Brand New Single "Give It Up"

From the mean streets of Brooklyn, Animal Years are back at it with a taste off their upcoming sophmore EP with a song titled "Give It Up". Frontman Mike McFadden & company are clearly in their element with a fresh, diverse musical nugget that really evokes the band's hard working charisma and charm that is at its highest degree possible now. Featuring organically laced instrumentation including some faint banjo elements heard in the distance and cooing vocals intersparsed throughout, you are destined to have an enjoyable time listening to these guys express their tried and true talents to a willing and waiting audeince. Animal Years have been featured a couple of times before on the site, and I've noticed at how their musical abilities have evolved significantly from their first album, and they seem to have figured out avenues at which they can improve and take their music to a whole new level which they never possibly dreamed of, and now they've realized that the fruits of their labor are starting to come to fruition.

To check out "Give It Up" of yourself, it's available for streaming on their Soundcloud site right over here, and for more on Animal Years, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, follow their adventures on Twitter here, and get more in depth info about the band via their official website at this junction here.

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