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Somerville Natives Eternals Release New Single "Raised By Wolves"

Photo Credit: Liz McBride

Somerville based Americana act Eternals have just premiered their brand new single titled "Raised By Wolves" just yesterday on the Boston Herald music blog Guestlisted by Jed Gottlieb. The song sees the band's trademark sound exploding to life with rich, bombastic melodies and straightforward vocals that hearkens back to Wilco with their own trademark sound spread about to expose their creativity and individuality as a group. These guys were featured here on the site last year, and I really gravitated towards their independent based frame of mind and their ability to take their own personal influences and expose them to their audience in a very receptive manner. These guys are the clear embodiment of a band who have all the tools and wisdom in front of them, now it's time to make something happen out of what they have, and move onward and upward the musical ladder where their trajectory is currently taking them on the upswing.

To take a listen to "Raised By Wolves", it's avaiable on their Bandcamp site right here, and for more on Eternals, please 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this junction here.

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