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Boston's Own Covey Set To Play The Sinclair on 3/9 w/ Tor Miller

Boston based Covey is gearing up to play a big local show in a couple of weeks on 3/9 at The Sinclair in Harvard Sqaure, and joining him for this special affair will be Tor Miller and Sean McVerry. This show is rescheduled from an earlier date in January at The Middle East that was postponed due to inclement weather, but rain or shine this show will go on as Covey is crafting some of the most exquisite folk based tunes out there, and is starting to cement himself as an act to watch for in the Boston area. Originally going by the name of Tom Freeman, Covey has been featured here on the site numerous times before, and his voice will definitely make your heart melt and fall in line with the incredible rhtyhms and solid instrumentation that is abound in his music. I was obsessed with him the moment I first saw him in concert, and chances are you will be too as his music will definitely bring out the best in everyone that comes in contact with him, and you'll most likely be a follower after you check him out for the first time,

You can purchase tickets for The Sinclair show directly on their website over here, and for more on Covey, please 'Like' him on Facebook over here and give him a follow on Twitter at this perch right here.

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