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Boston Red Sox Player Music Roundup

Kicking off my annual MLB Player Music Special with a look at the music choices of your hometown Boston Red Sox! The team made some major overhauls in both sides of the pitching rotation, acquiring all star pitcher David Price, and top tier closer Craig Kimbrel that fortifies their lineup greatly, and ensures that the team will be almost guaranteed to win more games than they did last year. They have finished in the bottom cellar of the AL East for 3 of the last 4 years, and this year is no excuses for the team as they're expected to put the pedal to the metal come Opening Day. One thing that always helps the players get in check is the music, and the choices for this year's squad are ecelctic to say the least and also reflects the colorful and offbeat personalities that are omnipresent all throughout the clubhouse. Here are some picks from the players:

Blake Swihart - Revel "Whip It Like This"

The young hotshot catcher of the Sox has this high energy number to keep him focused and locked at the plate. Coming up last year after the injury to regular backstop Christian Vazquez, Swihart has built up some solid numbers, but one thing that greatly impresses fans is his superb defense and his inate ability to throw out base stealers with quick reflexes and dynamic style. While he's not at an elite level like Buster Posey, Swihart is starting to come into his own and is ready to help his team out any way he can.

Brock Holt - Reckless Kelly "Ragged As The Road"

Dependable and who plays in just about every position except pitcher, Brock Holt has some down home country tunes to remind him of his Texas upbringing as his walk up music. An everyday jack of all trades, Brock has the remarkable ability to play in almost every position possible that has made him Mr. Dependable and the type of guy that embodies the strong work ethic that the Red Sox are known for. It might be frustrating for him to not have a regular position, but Brock takes it all in stride, and also knows how to deliver a clutch hit or two in there for good measure as well.

Clay Buchholz - Shinedown "Simple Man"

The longtime veteran of the pitching staff has this hard rocking tune from Shinedown to ease him out on his jogs to the mound. Most notably known for pitching a no hitter in his 1st MLB start back in 2007, Buchholz has been in and out of games throughout the good duration of his career due to nagging injuries largely attributed to his lanky and skinny frame. While he can put up 6 or 7 good innings here and there, he is largely a mystery and enigma all jumbled into one, but he is always looking for ways to prolong his stamina to keep him in ballgames, and maybe this song choice will do just the trick!

Craig Kimbrel - Guns N Roses "Welcome To The Jungle"

The longtime closer of the Atlanta Braves has landed in Beantown, and has brought the jungle with him with this classic Guns N Roses tune. Kimbrel has put up some ridiculous numbers during his time in Atlanta, recording a total of 225 saves since 2010, and is also widely known for his "Praying Mantis" stance that he displays before he throws the ball that makes him the stuff of living legend. We'll most likely be seeing a lot of that stance at Fenway, and is geared towards a long and fruitful career at the backend of the rotation.

David Price - Pretty Lights "Finally Moving"

The brand new ace of the staff has some electronic music to get him moving with this electric tune from Pretty Lights. David Price has been an all star for most of his career split between Tampa Bay, Detroit, and Toronto, but has always fallen short in the postseason. Now that he's in the city of champions, there's no denying that the price is right when it comes to how much they spent to get Price in the first place: $217 million to be exact and fans are surely excited to have him on their side this time ready for a solid year ahead.

Henry Owens - The Doors "Riders On The Storm"

Coming up from the minor leagues last year, youngster Henry Owens has started to make a dent in the minds of Red Sox fans who are beginning to see the fruition of young talent finally start to trickle up to the big leagues. The 23 year old Californian had a solid season, going 4-4 with an ERA just over 4.50. While those aren't earth shattering nubmers by any means, his repertoire is one of wonder with a devastating array of pitches and a beautiful head of blonde locks adorned upon his head that represents his personality, and is a huge classic rock fan with this choice music selection by The Doors saying everything you need to know about Handsome Hank.

Joe Kelly - Dr. Dre f/ Eminem "Forgot About Dre"

The back end of the starting 5 is rounded out by Joe Kelly, who has this classic Dre & Eminem joint as his walk up song of choice. Kelly has been up and down throughout much of his career, similar in the vein of Buchholz with up and down seasons split between here and St. Louis. What is a true statement to his character is his sense of humor that is usually very spontaneous, and is very loose and limber that sometimes energizes those around him leading them to believe that they are greater than they actually are. Joe does everything in his power to perform at the highest level possible, and is gearing towards a strong season in 2016.

Rick Porcello - Van Morrison "Wild Night"

The former Detroit Tiger has this sweet tune from Van Morrison to round out his walk up selection. The Sox made a huge bet when they signed Porcello to a 4 year, $82.5 million extension last year that certainly raised the eyebrows for some fans, who were curious as to why the Sox brass were throwing their money around like drunken sailors at a guy who came up small potatoes throughout the majority of his career. It's certainly going to be put up or shut up time for Rick, who is usually discombobulated on the mound and can be a potential headcase at times when it comes to deciding what to throw, but can put it together at those crucial moments in the game.

Xander Bogaerts - The Weeknd "The Hills"

Rounding out our special is the young Aruban shortstop Xander Bogaerts, commonly known as "X" who has htis hot number from The Weeknd to go as his walk up song of choice. Generating much excitement and fervor when he first arrived a couple of years ago, Xander has been the much needed answer at shortstop that has been a virtual revolving door in Boston for some time now, and has provided a much needed spark offensively and is a constant array of excitement when he steps onto the field. There is a pretty good chance that Xander will stay in a Red Sox uniform for some time now, and there's no telling what his ceiling could be.

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