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Air Traffic Controller Prepping For LP Release Show This Sat. 3/12 @ The Sinclair

Beloved local act Air Traffic Controller are gearing for what could potentially be the show of the year this coming Sat. 3/12 @ The Sinclair for their record release show. Their new effort is called "Black Box", and is already generating much buzz and fanfare, and is getting a lot of people really excited about what is to come from these guys in the coming year. You may remember their music video for the song "The House" that was featured here on the site, that in my mind put these guys on the musical map and demonstrated their ability to weave brilliant storytelling throughout the clip that makes it that much more relatable to today's music loving fanatics whom consume it at every turn. They definitely have the star quality and big name cahce to take it to the next level, and become that next great Boston act. There is no telling how big Air Traffic Controller will be in the months to come, but this is one crucial moment for the band that will elevate them to places that they never before dreamed of.

Tickets for this Saturday's release show are still available and can be purchased at The Sinclair's website right over here, and for more info on Air Traffic Controller please 'Like' them on Facebook at this nook here, and check their official homepage over at this spot here.

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