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Check Out South Shore's Latch and Their Live Rendition Vid For "Famous Athletes" Live

South Shore based power pop quartet Latch have just released a brand new live video for their song "Famous Athletes", from the album of the same name and recorded live @ The Bear's Den in Attleboro. This is the band's usual spot where they deliver live performance videos, and we premiered one of those vids exclusively here on the site several months back that reintroduced the band's highly stylistic blend of that aforementioned power pop that is starting to gain some traction in both the South Shore scene and right here in Beantown as well. I was really impressed with what I heard with these guys from the start as they have a strong musical identity that will set them far moving forward, but most importantly they have that sense of community pride and enthusiasm for the local scene that can't be ignored and is something to admire greatly from these outstandingly talented gentlemen.

For more on Latch, 'Like' them on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, and check out their music over on their Bandcamp site conveniently located here.

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