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Houston Astros Player Music Special

Continuing on with our MLB Player Music Special with a look at the music choices of last year's AL Wild Card winner, the Houston Astros. H-Town shocked alot of people last year when they shut out the Yankees in the AL Wild Card Game, and advanced to the ALDS where they lost to the Kansas City Royals in 5 games. It was seen as a remarkable turnaround and distinct achievement despite the loss, and the current crop of youngsters assembled is starting to solidify and become a force of young go getters who are starting to believe their own press, and become better than they actually are. This year's walk up song choices represent a diverse collection of hip hop and latin flavors that are representative of the diversity and high energy fun that is omnipresent in the clubhouse. WIthout further ado, here are their picks:

Carlos Correa - Jay-Z "Big Pimpin'"

The young, hot shortstop for the Astros and AL Rookie of The Year has this classic Jay-Z number as his walk up song. Correa put up nothing short of spectacular numbers in his first year in the majors, hitting .279 for 22HR and 68 RBI, all while capturing the minds and hearts of fans all around Astros nation and the baseball world in general. There is a reason he wears #1 on his jersey, as he has high spirited defense, tremendous prowess at the plate, and is an extremely well put together guy physically that has made this hunky piece of eye candy one of the burgeoning superstars of MLB that everyone can hang a poster of on their wall.

Carlos Gomez - DMX "X Gon Give It To Ya"

Another Carlos brings up the rear, and it is none other than centerfielder Carlos Gomez who has this intense DMX number as his walk up tune. Coming over from the Milwaukee Brewers, Gomez has exceptional range out in center field, and also presents a tremendously high power surge at the plate that made him a formidable presence offensively that it was almost impossible to pitch around him. A tremendous asset to any team and a strong presence in the clubhouse, Gomez is ready to finish what the Astros started last year and make some noise in the AL West this year.

Colby Rasmus - Stevie Ray Vaughan "Pride and Joy"

Left fielder and party animal extraordinaire Colby Rasmus has this sweet and classic tune from Stevie Ray Vaughan as his walk up song of choice. Colby has been making the rounds the last few years from St. Louis to Toronto, and has found his home in Houston where he really shined in the regular season and made some spectacluar plays in the postseason as well. Of course, many remember him from his fun debauchery in the clubhouse after their AL Wild Card win that resulted in Rasmus taking off his shirt, wearing googles and spraying beer all over his teammates and become a cyborg of sorts whom is a wild animal in his own right that can't be contained in the clubhouse, or at the plate for that matter.

Dallas Keuchel - Rock Mafia "I Am"

The beard is in full force as the ace of the Astros pitching staff has this terrific tune from Rock Mafia as his entrance music. Dallas is also the regining AL Cy Young winner, going 20-8 with a 2.48 ERA and striking down opponents and mowing them down left and right with his devastating arsenal of pitches that makes opposing hitters look borderline embarassing while at the plate. He also does it with a tremendous smile on his face, and you can tell how much fun he has on the mound and being around his teammates that shows the unique and congealed bond that is present in the dugout and clubhouse.

George Springer - Mase "Feels So Good"

Right fielder George Springer has this throwback, late 90's hip hop jam from Mase as his walk up tunage. Springer has put up some solid numbers at the plate, hitting .276 with 16 HR and 41 RBI to go along with it that shows his versatility and depth offensively. He can also make some great catches defensively in the outfield, and that just speaks volumes about his versatility and work ethic that have always been held in the highest regard. It's all upward and onward from here on out!

Jose Altuve - Chano Y Nacho "Me Voy Enamorado"

The fine Astros second baseman has some Latin flavor to pay tribute to his Venezuelan roots as his walk up song of choice. Altuve has been a fan favorite down in Houston for a few years now with his sleek batting skills, and lay down defense that has made him the subject of countless highlights night after night. He can be depended on day in and day out in the clubhouse for some motivation to give to his fellow players, and is one of the true leaders of this burgeoning franchise.

Preston Tucker - Chase Rice "Beach Town"

Newcomer Preston Tucker has some down home country music from Chase Rice as his warm up music. A native of Tampa, FL he is starting to develop an impression among fans as a player to keep a watchful eye on with his glove saving defense, and ever increasing offensive skills at the plate that are serving him well and is always looking for ways to improve upon his craft that is making him an integral part of the team for years to come.

Scott Feldman - RIchie Rich "Let's Ride"

Rounding out our list is starter Scott Feldman and his entrance music of choice from hip-hopper RIchie Rich. A journeyman who has pitched for a number of teams throughout this career, Feldman is starting to hone this craft down in Houston that is making him rediscover his craft, and find his zone that has made him a dependable starter who can give you a solid 6 or 7 innings before turning it over to the bullpen. He has that name recognition as well that sets him apart from his contemporaries, and is definitely looked at as a leader in some areas.

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