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Surf Vietnam Reveal Cover Art For "Funambulism", out April 1st

Cover Art: Aaron Spransy

It's almost here! Surf Vietnam revealed the cover art yesterday for their brand spanking new LP "Funambulism" that will see the light of day on April 1st. The cover was created by Aaron Spransy and depicts frontman John Godfrey walking on a tightrope while carrying the whole band and assorted characters along the way that speaks volumes about the originality and creativity that is put on display for everyone to marvel over. The band have been featured quite extensively here on the site over the last few months, including my post on the vid for "October Baseball" that featured a little behind the scenes action on the making of the new LP, as well as a cameo of drummer Adam Salameh shirtless for you to hoot and holler at to make the whole experience that much fulfilling. The guys are definitely creating something special with this new album that has been a while in the making, and it'll be just a matter of time until the fruits of their labor start to finally come to fruition.

Stay tuned to the band's Facebook page here and Twitter feed over here for all the latest updates on the release of the new LP, and for upcoming shows around the release as well.

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