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Boston Based Folkies San Lorenzo Stopping By Thunder Road in Somerville on 4/10

Boston based indie folk group San Lorenzo are making plans to stop by Thunder Road in Somerville for some down home, old fashioned musical goodness that will take place on April 10th. If you're not familiar with their sound just yet, you should probably study up as they have a rich, dynamic sound that is sort of constructed in the same vein as Mumford & Sons, with extremely deep lyrical content that will tug at your heart strings and rattle your emotions to an unerving end that makes listening to them all the well worthwhile. They've been featured here on the site a couple of times before, and I commented on how they're following their own path that is set out for them and they aren't trying to do anything too fancy and are definitely on the verge of creating something special with their music. A distinct indie folk group that is starting to permeate the entire region of Boston with their lush and beautiful sound.

For more info and to purchase tickets, head on over to Thunder Road's website over here, and for more on San Lorenzo please 'Like' them on Facebook here and check their official hompeage for more in depth info right over here.

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