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Washington Nationals Player Music Roundup

We continue our MLB Player Music Series with a look at the NL East's own Washington Nationals. The Nats had a bit of a down year after making it into the playoffs the year prior, but couldn't withstand their stamina down the stretch and fell into a collapse that peaked when closer Jonathan Papelbon tried to choke Bryce Harper in a much remembered confrontation that showcased all the team's troubles. The Nats are focused on 2016 though, with new manager Dusty Baker righting the ship, and looking to return Washington to baseball dominance once again. Here are the music choices of this year's cast of eclectic characters:

Bryce Harper - Frank Sinatra "The Best Is Yet To Come"

The face of the franchise has this appropriately named Sinatra tune as his walk up song. The reigning NL MVP is a stud in all forms of the word, from his astronomical numbers he put up last year, to his appearing nude in ESPN's Body Issue last year that grabbed everyone's attention, and his choice to not wear a undershirt that exposes his bare chest that exemplifies everything on what an amazingly talented guy he is. He may be an egomaniac to some, but he is definitely growing on me and countless others, and is definitely in my opinion MLB's next big superstar.

Dan Uggla - Imagine Dragons "Demons"

The former 2nd baseman of the Braves has moved onto the Nats roster, and sports with him this sweet tune from Imagine Dragons. Uggla contributes to his team in any way possible, and while he doesn't put up eye popping numbers like his teammates, he is a moral leader in most aspects and is a definite clubhouse leader with veteran grit and determination that helps the team in every way. This song definitely keeps him loose and limber as he tries to find ways to carry his team to victory every night.

Gio Gonzalez - Lil Wayne "Believe Me"

One of the anchors of the starting rotation has this Lil Wayne tune to keep him in check on his jogs out to the mound. Gio has been a dependable starting pitcher in the bigs for some time now, and spent some time in Oakland before he arrived at our nation's capital. Gio has a devastating array of pitches that keeps opposing batters off balance, and has a harismatic presence that is emblematic of the team's resolve and is looked at as a leader in some respects. Whenever the bell strikes, you know that Gio is going to answer that call time and time again.

Ian Desmond - Kendrick Lamar "Alright"

The perennial left-fielder has this hot tune from Kendrick Lamar as his walk up song of choice. Desmond's name is known around the majors as a dependable left fielder with a strong glove, and has some pop at the plate too with his clutch hits that comes in timely for his team when they need it the most. There might be some times when he would need to be depended on more often than most, but Ian takes it all in stride and knows it's for the benefit of the team.

Jayson Werth - Calvin Harris "Slow Acid"

Feast your eyes on this beautifully bearded behemoth Jayson Werth with this great tune courtesy of Calvin Harris. The left fielder was signed to an enormous contract several years ago when he came over from the Phillies, and is deifnitely a fan favorite in Washington with his remarkable skills in left field, and of course is best known for his lush and beautiful beard that adorns his face. Like his teammmate Bryce Harper, his button allergy acts up and he also doesn't like to wear undershirts that exposes his chest hair and the manly beast he is at the plate and at heart.

Jonathan Papelbon Meek Mill "Bout That Life"

The hot headed closer has this high energy track from Meek Mill to usher him out of the bullpen and onto the mound. Like his teammate Werth, he too also came over from the Phillies and was signed to a big contract years ago, the largest ever for a closer and one that certainly raised alot of eyebrows. When he has his head on straight, Pap is one of the premier and elite closers in the game who can shut it down. When he comes undone, players like to take batting practice off him and blow both his save chances and his cool at the same time. You never know which version of him will jot onto the mound.

Max Scherzer - Drake "Energy"

The ace of the Nats pitching staff definitely brings the energy literally with this sweet tune from Drake as his entrance music. Coming over via Detroit a couple of seasons ago, Max has come up big money with his no hitter last season and was definitely in line for the Cy Young award going into the latter portion of the season. Consistently nearing 20 wins a season with his devastating pitch selection and high 90's fastballs, he can bring the heat and fire both on the mound and into the clubhouse that ignites everyone around him to do their part to carry the team to victory.

Stephen Strasburg - The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"

Another member of the pitching rotation brings the heat and his sweet goatee with him in this signature tune from The White Stripes. Debuting with much fanfare back in 2010, Strasburg made a huge impression in his 14 strikeout debut, and immediately catapulted him to superstar status. Sidelined briefly with Tommy John surgery, and famously shut down in 2012 for the postseason that year as that drew much criticism, Stephen is putting all that on the backburner and ready to put his team into the drivers seat with his cutting edge mixture of pitches that drives opponents to the brink of insanity on some nights.

Tanner Roark - Ted Nugent "Stranglehold"

Relief pitcher specialist Roark has this classic 70's tune from Ted Nugent as his walk out music. Mixing up numbers in the bullpen out there, Tanner has a unique mixture of pitches that changes speeds greatly, something touching 90 mph that always keeps hitters guessing and sometimes makes them look borderline foolish at times. Roark always knows how to bring out the best in his teammates, and his dependability has never been in question as he can be called upon in all sorts of pitching situations, big or small he is always there for his team no matter what.

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