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Local Songwriter Dylan Rockoff Releases Brand New EP "These Old Streets"

Boston based songwriter Dylan Rockoff has just released his brand new EP just this past Friday titled "These Old Streets". The new effort is a folk tinged effort that continues to expose his sound to a growing and curious audience who are flocking from all walks of life to experience his high energy and vivacious sound. Dylan has a smooth, fluttering voice that injects a bevy of emotions into you that will allow you to experience the full breadth of what he's trying to convey to you, and you'll understand first hand what makes Dylan so unique and special. Dylan has been featured here on the site previously with his debut single "Feeling Fine", and I found something different from him than from other singer-songwriters within his genre. He has that innate ability to communicate in a special manner with his listeners that make it seem first person and that he is exclusively singing about you. Many other performers are able to accomplish this in other manners, but the way in which Dylan captures the emotion and intensity of everything around him makes his music that much more beautiful and poetic. An immensely talented performer that is worthy of some love and exposure here.

To check out Dylan's new EP, it's now available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play among digital music outlets, and for more on Dylan Rockoff please 'Like' him on Facebook over here to stay in touch with all the latest updates from his camp, including shows in the Boston area coming around the corner soon.

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