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Boston's Own Bellwire Release Sweet Vid For "JAKL" Off Forthcoming EP "Dog Though

Boston based power pop sensations Bellwire have just unveiled to the world their snazzy looking vid for the song "JAKL" off their upcoming EP titled Dog Thoughts. The clip has a subtle, harmonizing beauty with deep and polarizing rhythms that really exemplify the craft and marksmanship of a band that usually dabbles in more uptempo numbers, seeing as this song is their only slow one featured on the EP. That only tells part of the story as the guys have that extra spark embedded deep within them that makes them that much more musically attractive to the naked eye, and presents a band that is starting to find their footing amongst the other acts that have gathered about all throughout the city. The clip itself features numerous shots of the band performing on a front porch, and random shots of the guys in the shower that will greet your eyes to some exposed flesh that you'll definitely enjoy, which will in turn increase your love and appreciation for the band that much more. I didn't know too much about the guys beforehand, but now I have a full grasp of their musical knowledge and talent that really sets them apart from the other local acts out there right now.

For more on Bellwire, please 'Like' them on Facebook at this location here, follow them on Twitter right here, and check out their music on Bandcamp at this spot over here.

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