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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan's The Sheepdogs Set To Play Thunder Road in Somerville This Sunday 5/1

Based from the lovely confines of Canada in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan comes the classic rock stylings of The Sheepdogs, who will be making an appearance in the Boston area this weekend when they grace the stage at the brand new Thunder Road in Somerville this coming Sunday. The group released their latest LP "Future Nostalgia" just a few months ago, featuring the band's retro classic rock sound that has captivated fans and made them revisit their parent's old vinyl record collection from long ago. The guys have a sound that is as if CCR and Sly & The Family Stone had a love child, and this would be the result of that long, steamy night of musical lovemaking. I've been hooked onto the guys ever since their self titled debut came out back in 2012 where I interviewed frontman Ewan Currie and bassist Ryan Gullen for this very site, and the guys couldn't be any more nicer or accommodating. The guys exemplify all the hard working qualities of a Canadian band looking to make a huge impact on the U.S., and the guys have already accomplished that mission and are on their way to melt even more faces this coming Sunday.

For more on The Sheepdogs, 'Like' them on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, and mosey on over to their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info about the guys, including links to stream their latest album and their previous work as well.

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