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Boston Musical Loves Dinoczar Tease Cover Art For New LP "Sick Wind" Out 5/20

Boston based doom punk rockers Dinoczar are gearing up to release a brand new album on May 20th titled "Sick Wind". The band teased the cover art for the new album yesterday on their Facebook page as you see above, detailing the beautiful and majestic soundscapes we're bound to encounter on the forthcoming release. The trio of Paul Dunne, Aaron Swartz, and Jake Cardinal are creating some of the most mysterious yet intriguing music out there with a strong, unified stage presence that sets them apart from any other local band out there with their supreme guitar riffs and lush musical properties that put the boys in a class all their own. I had the opportunity and privilege of interviewing the guys for my podcast back in February, and they couldn't be any more awesome and gracious as the guys were super appreciative for featuring them on the site which resulted in massive amounts of hugs afterwards that made me fall in love with them even more right then and there. Dinoczar are one of the most unique and original live acts that I've seen in quite some time, and it'll definitely be worth your while to check them out live the next time they roll through town.

For more on Dinoczar, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check out their official homepage right here for more in depth info and links to stream their music as well.

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