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LA Based geordie. Drops Hilarious Musical Satire Vid For "Tastes Like Chocolate"

From the streets of West Los Angeles comes the breezy and hilarious sounds of geordie., who just dropped his spanking new music video a couple of weeks ago for the song "Tastes Like Chocolate". The clip reads as a musical satire of sorts, reminiscent of a Funny or Die clip with a strong, lyrical flow that is omnipresent throughout, and hints of a new breed of singer-songwriter that doesn't exist just quite yet. The vid features a number of hilarious situations Geordie presents himself in, including going for lengths to please his special lady who happens to be a black woman which you can sort of make out in the title of the video. There's also various shots of him rubbing his lady's feet by the pool, laying naked while covered by a platter of sushi, and him gallivanting around Cali that evokes the freeform, laid back vibe that he strives to evoke throughout his music. There's no way to classify this music at all, but one thing's for sure is that Geordie is supremely talented, ridiculously handsome, and is one who knows how to inject a huge amount of humor and musical sophistication in his music that gives him a two edged advantage.

For more on geordie., follow him on Twitter over here, check out his official homepage for more in depth info right over here, and visit his Soundcloud at this junction over here to check out more of his tunes.

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