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MusicBoxPete Announces Collaboration With Voicemap For Audio Tour Showcasing Allston's Music Ven

MusicBoxPete is proud to announce this morning a collaborative effort with South Africa based startup company VoiceMap. They're a company that melds together audio tours with intricate storytelling that makes the listener part of the story, and eager to learn more about their surroundings and the city that they're currently visiting. My audio tour is geared around Boston's music venues, more specifically around Allston that takes a look inside the worlds of Great Scott, Brighton Music Hall, and O'Brien's along with places to stop in along the way that make the experience fulfilling for the curious listener. Designed for folks traveling from outside the region, this amazing tour features audio guided turn by turn directions, queues designed to keep you aware visually of what's around you, and narration handled by yours truly to get you on your way to the next destination! The app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play stores and the audio tour costs $1.99 to download. So if you're a visitor from out of town who is eager to learn more about Boston's music venues, this will definitely be worth your while.

You can get more info and download my Allston music tour here, and for more on what VoiceMap does and to check out their audio tours around the world, click on this link right here.

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