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Berklee Alum Troy Cartwright Returns With Brand New Single "Busted"

Berklee alum and Dallas, TX native Troy Cartwright has just released his brand new single on iTunes titled "Busted". The tune has a pure country feel to it, with Troy's booming voice taking control of the song right from the start, and you really begin to feel his presence head on as you listen to the track in its entirety. Troy has really evolved since he was first featured on the site way back in 2012, most notably with his hair but he has also gained an immense amount of confidence that has allowed him to take full charge of his career, and has given him a sense of purpose along with his backing band as well. I still remember and look back fondly on when Troy invited me to The Record Company studios in Boston where he was laying down some tracks, and I got to hang out with the band for a makeshift pizza party where I really bonded with him and saw a wealth of talent blossoming right before me. Troy is an immense talent with an extremely likable Southern charm that comes through on stage and when you meet him afterwards, and I'm so blessed and honored to be friends with him.

To check out "Busted" for yourself, it's available for download on iTunes right here, and for more on Troy Cartwright you can 'Like' him on Facebook at this spot here and check out his official homepage over here for more in depth info regarding him and his music.

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