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Local Indie Rockers Barricades To Throw CD Release Party Tonight @ ONCE Somerville

Local Boston based indie rockers Barricades are prepping for their CD release show later on tonight @ ONCE Somerville on Highland Ave. featuring the likes of Look Sharp and Chaparrals in tow. The band's new EP "When It Hits You" was released just last week via Bandcamp, and already it has generated some musical steam with the band's sizzling hot musicality put on display and frontman Jared Walsh's insanely melodic vocals that take the songs to new heights and just increases the musical profile of the band that much more. Dan Norton does a fine job handling the drums where his talents come out to shine, and you can see where that melodic veracity emanates so strongly from. The band has been featured multiple times on the site dating back to 2011, and it's been an absolute blast seeing the band evolve and grow both as people and as musicians where they have really found their identity and place within the Boston scene. Whereever the band goes from here, they know that they have made a difference in people's lives and have affected so many people positively through their music.

To purchase tickets for tonight's release show @ ONCE, click on this link here and for more on Barricades please 'Like' them on Facebook at this junction here and visit their official website for more info at this perch over here. And be sure to check out "When It Hits You" via their Bandcamp site right over here.

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