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Portland, ME's Weakened Friends Gearing For EP Release Show @ Mid East Up Wed. 7/27

Based out of Portland, ME but with some connection to the Boston area comes the indelible sounds of Weakened Friends, who will be gracing the stage at the Mid East Upstairs on Wed. 7/27 along with Parks, The Kickback, and Cold Friends. The trio of Sonia Sturino, Annie Hoffman, and Cam Jones are creating something special with their music with elements of The Pixies and other assorted indie rock influences that explode into a passionate display of emotional catharsis that manifests itself well on stage. I managed to catch these guys outside of my workplace in Watertown where they performed out on the common there, and I was blown away with their ability to connect instantaneously on stage, and Cam's brilliant drumwork set everything off in motion for me and I was just plain hypnotized with their set and the way they just put everything out there for the audience seemed fluid, natural, and not forced by any means. There's something that is yearning deep inside this trio, and what will result out of it in a couple of weeks will be nothing short of extraordinary.

RSVP for the show on 7/27 at this link here, and for more info on Weakened Friends please 'Like' them on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, and preorder their upcoming EP "Crushed" over on Bandcamp at this perch here.

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