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Manic Pixi - Iron Heart

NYC based prog-punk collective Manic Pixi make their return with their brand new studio effort titled Iron Heart. The 10 track collection continues the musical progression of an enticing young act that is blurring the lines between genres, and creating a blend of music that is representative of their own individual influences and where they are in their musical careers that is beginning to intersect at a crossroads that is brimming with possibilities.

We start things off with "Newly Ordered World", the jamming first single that has the hypnotizing lead vocals of frontwoman Kat Hamilton who has the vocal prowess of Hayley Williams from Paramore with her own musical seduction that puts her in a class all her own and makes her stand out right from the musical page. The title track starts with off with a frenetic drum ensemble brought forth by Emmett Ceglia, whose musical trademark is gallivanting like a madman on the drumset with his shirtless bod and sweaty body causing a mass frenzy of hysteria and arousal on demand. "Pearls" is another killer track that starts off quieter than the other tracks, and has it's own musical intrigue that leaves listeners curious and listening straight through to pick up on the elements on display. Sleek bass licks from the very handsome and capable Drew Bastian who is able to transcend musical boundaries with his ridiculous talents. "Laughing" is another straight up banger that leaves no stone unturned with its killer rhythms and dazzling guitar riffs from Marshall Biever who is able to add a groove inflicted punch within that really lights the fire and sets the musical spark ablaze. "While My Parents Are Sleeping" is my favorite track off the album that is a mostly acoustic number that presents the group in a different light with Kat's stellar vocals once again proudly put on display and represents the band's musical diversity and their ability to adapt to different musical tempos at the flick of a switch.

The disc rounds out with "Dredging", a darkly lit barnburner with smoldering guitar riffs and Kat's whimpering vocals providing for an ample rocker with just enough passion flowing through it to make an impression. "Adult Self" ends our stay here with a simply structured tune that rounds the collection out on a laid back note, and gives you all the fruits of their labor in one structured onset that is a welcome listen and refreshing tune in general. I've had the opportunity of seeing them in concert, and trust me do they deliver on their promises! Manic Pixi have this unspoken sex appeal that is present in all of the members that explodes into one uncontrollable inferno that gets bigger and bigger and involves all sorts of exploits on stage that make you want to stick around and see what they're going to pull if next. They are creating some of the boldest music out there that is well worth your musical time. Definitely recommended!

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

1. Newly Ordered World

2. Iron Heart

3. Childhood Self

4. Pearls

5. Finding Water on Mars

6. Laughing

7. While My Parents Are Sleeping

8. Your Poetry Is Failure

9. Dredging

10. Adult Self

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