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Donate To Sweet Cambodia's GoFundMe Campaign To Replace Van That Caught Fire

If you haven't heard by now, Sweet Cambodia's tour van caught on fire this past weekend, just shortly after the band started a mini tour of the south. It happened around Trussville, AL and while the band wasn't hurt, they did lose some of their personal possessions in the blaze that will no doubt put a damper on things. But one thing that it won't do is ruin their spirits, as the band are more determined than ever to resume this tour, but they'll need your help along the way! The band just set up a GoFundMe page to help them raise money to get a new van so that they can continue the tour, and bring their funky style of music to fans from all over. The guys are no stranger to the site, and it would definitely make a world of difference if you would donate to the campaign, even if it's just a few dollars that can go a long way in restoring their tour, and providing a means of transportation to melt some faces in the process!

To donate to Sweet Cambodia's GoFundMe page, click on this link over here, and don't forget to 'Like' Sweet Cambodia on Facebook over here and check out their tunes on Soundcloud conveniently located at this spot here.

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