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Ayer, MA's Town Meeting To Pair Up w/ Nemes For 8/26 Thunder Road Show

Ayer, MA based folk collective Town Meeting are gearing up for a big local show at the end of the month that will certainly bring people out in droves to see them, and joining them will be none other than Nemes and Damn Tall Buildings for this excursion taking place at Thunder Road in Somerville on August 26th. The group are nothing short of amazing and incendiary with their powerful stage presence taking you back to the early days of Americana and taking a raw, potent approach that has most certainly captured people's attention and has the band wheels churning full steam ahead to what's laying just beyond the horizon. I got the opportunity to check them out at the same venue a few months ago opening up for The Sheepdogs, and I thought that they were a perfect match with their down home folk sensibilities proudly put on display, with the brothers Luke and Brendan Condon bringing an air of originality and Brendan going barefoot that allows him to get comfy and add a flair of identity and musical brotherhood to the group that is really starting to gain some traction at the moment.

To buy tickets for their 8/26 show, hurry over to Thunder Road's website over here in a flash before they sell out. For more on Town Meeting, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and visit their official homepage right here for more in depth info surrounding them.

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