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NYC's The Chordaes Make A Smooth Landing With New LP "Touch The Ground"

NYC based power pop quartet The Chordaes have arrived on listener's doorsteps with their brand new album titled "Touch The Ground". Released back in May, the LP is starting to make waves with the band's symphonic blend of simple pop melodies conjured upon a melodically charged aesthetic that really sets things in motion right away, and presents a band brimming with confidence and musical intrigue right from the start. What really sets the band apart is their lyrics, and frontman Leo Sawikin leads the charge right out of the gate with his impeccable vocals bringing a heartfelt sincerity to the music and makes listeners want to continue getting involved. The incessant drumwork of Ethan Glenn adds to the band's melodic resolve, and he is also a surfer and part time runway model on the side as evidenced by his magnificently beautiful hock of long blond hair flowing in the midst. Jesse Serrano on bass and Max Ventura on keys round out the collective to represent an immensely talented act that is just brimming with musical confidence through and through, and have mastered the act of capturing audiences hearts and never returning them to their rightful owners. A truly special act to keep an eye out in the years to come.

For more on The Chordaes, 'Like' them on Facebook at this perch here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this spot over here. Visit their official homepage right over here where you can stream cuts off their new LP which is also available digitally at select online establishments.

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