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Andrew Benintendi Vine Set To "Chariots of Fire" Goes Viral

If you've been watching the Red Sox lately, all the buzz has been about recent callup Andrew Benintendi. He has been hitting the cover off the ball since making his major league debut, hitting .351 in just 12 games played. What you probably didn't know that he as been the talk of social media as of late with a recent Vine that you see above that was created by my good friend Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports. The most hilarious thing about this Vine is the music that was set in motion to the clip, and it was the theme song to "Chariots of Fire" that capitalized immensely on Andrew's beautiful features, namely his carefree hair flowing in the breeze. Even Benintendi himself was asked about the Vine in a postgame interview and he absolutely loved it. I personally think it's genius, and the way Jared was able to capitalize on his hair is a brilliant move on his part. Benintendi certainly is a good looking guy with his beautiful hair flowing in the breeze, and there's no question that we are looking at one of the future Red Sox superstars blossom right before our very eyes.

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