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Birmingham, UK Based You Know The Drill Puts Listeners On Notice w/ New Single "Less Than You&q

Based from Birmingham, UK comes the indelible pop punk sounds of You Know The Drill, who have just released their brand new single "Less Than You" to an anxious audience. The 5 piece lads know how to keep the spirit and enthusiasm of pop-punk alive with blasting vocals, sensational rhythms, and a hard edged attitude that keeps them on top of their lofty perch overlooking the musical sea in front of them. You don't need me to tell you how obsessed I am with everything British pop-punk, and these mates in particular have a little something to offer up than the others which is their charisma and charm rubbing off of listeners while they're enjoying the band's music, something that is very rare and largely unique to their specific genre. Just going by the first single alone, these guys have a bright and promising future ahead of them and American audiences will most certainly welcome them in with open arms, forever linking them with the United Kingdom and all of the great acts that we've helped to be able to foster over the years.

To take a listen to "Less Than You", it's available for streaming on YouTube here, and for more on You Know The Drill please 'Like' them on Facebook at this spot here and follow their adventures on Twitter from this rooftop here.

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