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Cincinnati Based Post Punkers The Tigerlilies Create Some Hooks on New EP "123456"

Based from the homeland of the Bengals comes Cincy's own up and comers The Tigerlilies, who just released their brand new EP just last week titled "123456". The group have a strong, rock solid musical foundation that is predicated upon dangerously addictive musical hooks that are guaranteed to reel you in upon first listen, and you won't be able to let go of the insatiable melodies that are omnipresent at every turn. I took a chance on these guys because they had something that made me reminisce of similar bands within their genre from the 80's who had that special X factor element embedded within them that made all the fans go wild back in the day. What these guys are able to do is capture that magic from yesteryear and translate it into modern times for the listener so that they can draw parallels to something that is going on in their life currently. I was truly impressed with what I heard from these guys, and it's only the beginning for this promising Cincy quartet who are looking at big things on the horizon relatively soon.

To take a listen to "As Easy It Seems", one of my favorite tracks you can head on over to their Soundcloud page over here, and for more on The Tigerlilies please 'Like' them on Facebook at this locale here, follow on Twitter at this spot here, and check their official homepage for more in depth info surrounding them at this perch here.

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