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Philly's Finest Bad Bye Release Debut EP "The Worst Part Is Already Over"

Philly based newcomers Bad Bye have landed on the scene with the release of their debut EP "The Worst Part Is Already Over". The 3 song EP is like a visit from the past with the spirit and enthusiasm of early 00's pop-pun embedded deep within their souls that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and do a little reminiscing about the good old days as well. The fact that they're based from the City of Brotherly Love which is also home to the band that inspired my youth The Starting Line puts my stamp of approval over this bunch of good looking dudes who have that uncanny ability to connect with listeners, and bond over their shared love of music that puts a big smile on my face and makes these guys one of the most promising new acts that I've encountered in quite some time. In most ways, I feel a shared bond with the city of Philadelphia that has a lot of similarities to Boston in some respects. For them, it's about cheesesteaks and the Phillies while here in Boston we chowder and the Red Sox but Philadelphia to me represents the core and essence of my musical youth and Bad Bye is definitely leading the charge as one impressive young act to keep an eye on in the years to come.

To take a listen to "The Worst Part Is Already Over", you can find it on Bandcamp right over here, and for more on Bad Bye please 'Like' them on Facebook over at this spot here and see more of their handsome mugs on their Instagram feed directly located here.

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