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Portland, ME's Jaw Gems Set To Funk Up The Sinclair on 10/8

Portland, ME based electronic outfit Jaw Gems are readying to cause a ruckus when they grace the stage in a couple of weeks at The Sinclair on Oct. 8! The collective meld together samples that sort of gives off a hip-hop influence, but other out of the box genres bubble up onto the surface to create a truly diverse collection that is refreshing and highly inventive. I myself was very intrigued as to what Jaw Gems were whipping up, and found myself immersed deep within their musicality to get a understanding of how their musical nature works. What you'll enjoy the most is their musical wizardry that is best experienced in times of a live setting where their real creative juices spill right onto the concert floor, and elicit audience involvement that really causes things to go awry. These guys have tremendous talent, and are more than capable of commanding a stage and making the audience feel welcome and ready to cause a rumble in the venue. A great upstart act that is definitely worthy of some music discovery.

To check out selections from their just released EP "Heatweaver", you can find them on their Soundcloud page over at this spot here and for more on Jaw Gems, please 'Like' them on Facebook over at this locale here and follow their musical travels on Twitter at this perch over here.

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