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Discover Winnipeg's The Perms And Stylish New Single "Lose Yourself"

Winnipeg, Manitoba based The Perms are back on the scene with their brand new single that was released last month titled "Lose Yourself". The song couples together the band's rhythmic energy and mellow personalities into a multifaceted track that fully represents the band's artistic and creative vision. The group is made up of Shane Smith on bass and vocals, Chad Smith on guitar and vocals, and John Huver on drums. What really struck me about these guys was their ability to weave synth based sounds inside their musical atmosphere, and it just billowed from there and got bigger and more expansive as the song progressed. I've featured these guys before on the site in the past, and I've always respected them for sticking to their script, but somehow finding ways to sneak in a little experimentation to better suit themselves in the long run, and there is nothing wrong with that!

To download "Lose Yourself" for your listening pleasure, you may do so over at iTunes at this link here, and for more on The Perms please 'Like' them on Facebook at this link here and visit their official homepage here for more in depth info, including dates possibly coming to the Boston area sometime soon.

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