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Chicago Cubs World Series Player Music Roster

The lovable losers themselves known as the Chicago Cubs will be playing in their first World Series since 1945 beginning tonight as they face the Cleveland Indians in Game 1 of the Fall Classic. It's been a long time coming for the Cubs, who have been perennial NL Central basement dwellers for much of their existence, enduring painful loss after another, and a horrible playoff mishap at the hands of Steve Bartman in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS that seemed to exemplify the misfortune of what the Cubs are all about. The front office spent a boat load of money to get the talent o their roster, and t=now they're in the Fall Classic ready to break a 108 year old curse. I've selected a few of the player's walk up songs that gives a better sense of the player's persona, and exemplifies who they are as athletes and allows us to familiarize ourselves with their outgoing and gregarious personalities. And without further ado, here is my roundup:

Jake Arrieta - Slightly Stoopid "2 AM"

The ace of the vaunted Cubs pitching staff has this brilliant song from Slightly Stoopid as his entrance music. Arrieta has been a godsend ever since arriving in Chicago, winning the NL Cy Young award last year and having another stellar year this past season. With his dangerous arsenal of pitches, great command of his fastball, and an absolutely marvelous looking beard, his muscular and hunky frame definitely leaves an impression on those who saw him pose naked for ESPN's Body Issue that allowed everyone to marvel over his physique and just how much of a magnificent looking creature he is. Arrieta is the captain of this ship that is steering its ship towards a potential World Series crown that the city has been starving for so long.

Kris Bryant - Kris Kross "Jump"

The most buzzed about call up in recent memory, Kris Bryant has this monster of a throwback tune with Kris Kross as his walk up song of choice. Since being first called by the Cubs last season, Kris has been a stud in every sense of the word, making key defensive stops and coming in big with his bast as well, piling up some big offensive stats since last year. It's hard not to be hypnotized by his dreamy blue eyes, and he has become that pin up boy where fans aspire to be like him and clamor for his autograph before a game, reaching that superstar stratosphere that has made him the talk of the town.

Javier Baez - Pusho f/ Daddy Yankee "Soy Un Problemo"

A playoff hero from this postseason has been none other than Javier Baez, who sports some Latin flavored hip-hop courtesy of Daddy Yankee. Javier has been making his name and presence heard full circle with his playoff heroics in the division series, and his monumental effort against the Dodgers in the NLCS that has cemented his permanent spot in the rotation, With a quick glove on his defense, and a powerful bat when he steps up to the plate, this heartthrob is certainly worthy of putting his poster up on your wall, marveling at all the talents he brings to the Cubbies.

Dexter Fowler - Drake "Jumpman"

The versatile and flashy center fielder Dexter Fowler has some hip-hop courtesy of Drake to keep him moving at the plate. Since coming over from the Astros via trade, Dexter has brought a unique amount of energy and charisma to the team with his bright smile, strong range in the outfield, and a clutch bat that definitely comes through when needed. You never know what you're going to get out of Dexter night after night, but when the bell tolls and the time comes for a much needed hit to drive home a run, you better believe Dexter will be willing to answer the call.

Kyle Hendricks - Aerosmith "Sweet Emotion"

The winning pitcher from the pennant clinching, shut out win of the Dodgers has some classic rock courtesy of hometown boys Aerosmith as his entrance music. Hendricks has become the X factor of sorts in the rotation with the other starters Lester, Lackey, and Arrieta already proving their worth. Hendricks has become a sneaky good pitcher and while he's not a household name just yet, he's starting to come into his own as a player with his diverse pitch selection and deep starts into the latter innings, Hendricks has already proven to be a valuable commodity as the World Series gets underway.

John Lackey - Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places"

Former Red Sox starter Lackey has some down home country tunes courtesy of Garth Brooks to keep him focused on the mound. Lackey has been a tried and true playoff starter his whole career, pitching the clinching Game 7 of the World Series when he was with the Angels in 2002, and has come through clutch on whatever team he plays for. His time with the Red Sox was frustrating to say the least, but he has started to come into his own with the Cubs and can give the team a real shot in the arm when the tough get going.

Jon Lester - Jason Aldean - "I Use What I've Got"

Another former Sox starter joins the fray as Jon Lester uses Jason Aldean to keep him driven when his time is up. Lester has joined the names of Bumgarner and Schilling as the postseason pitchers of all time with his microscopic 0.86 ERA just adding to his postseason resume and delivering the goods when his spot in the rotation comes up. There's no denying his talent and pedigree, and was destined for a big payday somewhere and the fact that he's reunited with his old GM Theo Epstein, you know he is going to deliver a quality production.

Anthony Rizzo - Marky Mark "Good Vibrations"

The hot and studly first baseman has in my opinion, the best walk up song of all time in Marky Mark's "Good Vibrations". Rizzo has become a fan favorite over at 1060 West Addison, and has become the centerpiece of this hot, young core group that has taken over the scene and become the instant topic of conversation whereever you go. Sporting a sexy looking glove and a swooning presence at the plate with his bat. Rizzo has become an icon of sorts with his tendency to wear no undershirt under his uniform arousing the attention of those around him, and has almost reached a sex symbol of sorts for his exploits at the plate.

Ben Zobrist - Julianna Zobrist "Alive"

Rugged second baseman Zobrist has a walk up song from his wife Julianna to round out our Player Music special. Zobrist has been a top notch player his whole career, starting out at the Rays then making his way over to the Royals on a World Series winning team, and now joining the stacked Cubs roster. he knows how to make a positive first impression whereever he goes. Whether it's making a spectacular play at the plate, or driving a much needed RBI in the latter innings, Ben definitely knows how to handle the pressure put on him, and is more than ready to answer the mayday call.

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